Finca Tasta Coffee comes from the heart of the Challhuamayo canyon. These exquisite beans are the result of working hand-in-hand with nature and all living organisms in our beautiful planet earth. Not many years have

pass since we started this adventure, but we can proudly say that in the process, we have learn and grow together in order to create a high quality product that is now noticed and recognized locally and in the global

specialty coffee market (Peru, USA, Canada, Italy, England, Argentina, etc.).


The growth has been exponential but it would not have been possible without the help of everyone in our team, our business partners and customers. Our passion for coffee moves us as an instrument of inspiration and it is the main reason to keep going with this dream. It has encouraged us to innovate in our coffee processes, helping us to improve agricultural practices and technology. It is because that passion and commitment that we can proudly say that to this day, Finca Tasta’s Coffee is prepare to compete with best players in the global market of Specialty Coffee